Proposed new homes and hotel

Land to the west of Glasfryn Road, St Davids

Views of the hotel

Why is a hotel needed?

Many people have asked whether it is rational for a hotel to be included on a site that is allocated for housing development.

Planning policy in Wales encourages development on sites that can be freed from planning, physical and ownership constraints in order to create sustainable communities where people want to live (Paragraph 9.2.3). Expanded and increased ‘serviced’ hotel accommodation is also supported and encouraged by planning and other policy at the National (UK and Wales), Regional (Pembrokeshire), and Local (PCNPA / St Davids) levels.

Despite the allocation of the Glasfryn Road site for housing development in the current Local Development Plan, development proposals have not advanced on the site due to the viability constraints of doing so.

Helping to overcome the site’s constraints

Including a hotel alongside the new affordable properties and homes ‘for sale’ helps to overcome these constraints.  The hotel helps to achieve the value of the land reflective of its allocated status.  It also enables the significant costs of advancing a major planning application in the National Park to be shared.

Should planning permission be achieved Swangate Developments will also make a significant contribution towards the cost of the ground infrastructure work that will be required before the site can be developed. 

In these ways, the hotel is helping to facilitate development on the site and enable the new homes to come forward quickly. The design evolution of the hotel is also explained in detail in the Design and Access Statement

The hotel will make a positive contribution to the local economy

The hotel will also make a significant contribution to the local economy in its own right.  An independent analysis undertaken as part of planning process calculates that:

  • the hotel will enable more than 40,000 visits a year to St Davids as a result of the additional hotel capacity
  • these hotel guests will spend an additional £1.5 million in the local economy every year;
  • approximately 20 permanent year-round jobs will be created at the hotel
  • the hotel will support 11 jobs in tourism and leisure as a result of the increase in visitor expenditure

Click here to see more.  A copy of the economic statement that will be submitted as part of the planning application can be seen on this page.

Whitbread recruits locally at all of its new hotel and restaurant sites and offers industry leading training and staff development programmes.

More information on the operation of the hotel can be found here.

The hotel elevations


Plan of the layout of the hotel on the site

Plan of the layout of the hotel on the site