Proposed new homes and hotel

Land to the west of Glasfryn Road, St Davids

This website provides information on development proposals for land to the west of Glasfryn Road in St Davids, Pembrokeshire

A planning application is being advanced to provide 70 new homes, and a 63-bedroom hotel on the allocated development site. The residential element will comprise 38 affordable homes, and a further 32 shared ownership and open-market sale properties. 

It is intended that some of the shared ownership and open-market sale properties will be offered exclusively for people living in the St Davids area for a fixed period subject to demand.  Local people are encouraged to express an interest in purchasing a home on the site as soon as possible.

The application is being advanced by Pembrokeshire Housing Association (PHA), Mill Bay Homes, Swangate Developments and Whitbread, the parent company to Premier Inn.  More information on the latest proposals, the companies involved and the planning process for the development are provided on this website. 

The Statutory Consultation on the planning application has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.

A history of the development proposals for the site

The land to the west of Glasfryn Road is allocated for residential development in the current Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Local Development Plan.  Despite this allocation, development proposals have not come forward on the site.

In spring 2017 St Davids Peninsula Community Land Trust (the CLT), PHA, Swangate Developments (the Joint Applicants) and Whitbread put forward a proposal for 75 new homes, including affordable properties, and a 63-bedroom Premier Inn hotel on the site.  The proposal was communicated widely. 

In July the CLT announced that they would no longer have a formal role in the planning application for the allocated site. 

Since that time PHA, Swangate Developments and Whitbread have been advancing proposals for the development site.  Mill Bay Homes, part of Pembrokeshire Housing Group, has joined the development team and will be responsible for delivering the ‘for sale’ properties in the plans.

If successful, the development has the potential to make a significant contribution to delivering much needed housing and affordable homes in St Davids and the Pembrokeshire Peninsula.

Who are the applicants?

  • Pembrokeshire Housing Association will build, manage and maintain the 38 affordable homes
  • Mill Bay Homes, part of the Pembrokeshire Housing Group, will build and sell the properties for sale and the shared ownership homes
  • Swangate Developments is a specialist development company that will build the proposed hotel to Premier Inn’s specifications
  • Premier Inn will occupy the proposed 63-bedroom Premier Inn hotel

These organisations are the Applicants for the site

The proposed masterplan The proposed masterplan

The development site is marked by the red lines The development site is marked by the red lines

The development site is marked by the red lines The site is located in the north east in St Davids